Develop your New Strategy

… by defining a trajectory that leads your organisation to an improved future.

When leaders think about their strategy, they are essentially thinking about where and how they would like their organisation to operate in the future. They are thinking about how the current sources of value could be maximised and where new ones could be established. We call these sources of value the strategic axes of the organisation. Strategic axes not only define what an organisation does but, equally importantly, the extent to which it does it.
But strategy is not just about defining strategic intent; it’s also about making choices on the trajectory an organisation needs to follow in order to realise its strategic intent. We call this the trajectory of strategic intent. Furthermore, choosing a trajectory of strategic intent needs to be based on a thorough understanding of the organisations trajectory of strategic opportunity; which is not one trajectory but an ‘envelope’ of trajectories the represent the spectrum of opportunities open to an organisation. Only by understanding the opportunities possible – along with the factors that are determining the current trajectory – can informed choices be made on the target trajectory of strategic intent.
Furthermore, all too often strategies – once developed – are too complicated, too detailed or too vague to be meaningful to the people who are expected to implement them. They lack meaningful definitions of how value will be created, how things need to operate in the future and what challenges will be faced. They are often myopic in their outlook, focused on maximising short-term results and with little regard for the resultant default future that they will bring for the organisation as a whole. As a result the organisation ends up with not one but multiple strategies, each focused on achieving different outcomes.
We can help you develop a strategy that is both cognisant of the opportunities available and the reality of successfully changing your current trajectory to one that not only leads to a better future, but is achievable. We can also help you define your new strategy in ways that will be meaningful to others – particularly those who have not been involved in the strategy development process.

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    Examples of our specific capabilities and experience.

    Digital Transformation – Realising the potential of current and future digital technology.

    Business-IT Alignment – Aligning IT with your business strategy, and business with your IT strategy.

    Enterprise Horizontal Integration – Achieving synergies across different business units and geographies.

    Programme and Project Quality Assurance – Ensuring that the conditions for successful delivery are in place and maintained.

    Executive Leadership Development – Developing new insights and capabilities through experiential learning.