Setting a Trajectory to a Digital Future

If an enterprise is serious about becoming more digital then it needs to rethink how the business and IT parts of its organisation can better use their different perspectives and complementary capabilities to turn an idea for a digital customer

Creating Organisational Clarity using a Semantic Wiki

Vaughan Merlyn discusses a new way of creating organisational clarity by using Semantic Wikis. A Semantic Wiki holds an underlying model of the knowledge described in its pages, thereby capturing the meaning of the data within the wiki. Furthermore, they

Empowering IT Organisational Performance using a Semantic Wiki

Vaughan Merlyn argues that attempts to improve collaboration and support knowledge management within IT organisations have typically met with limited success. He believes that limitations with collaboration platforms are a key factor in these disappointing results and that a ‘one-size-fits-all’

Experiential Learning in Executive Development

It’s widely accepted that the more senior and experienced the individual, the less they learn from formal training. Yet companies continue to spend considerable sums on this form of development. We also know that if you ask a person for …

Improving IT Service Delivery

One of the most challenging aspects of running an IT organisation today is improving the delivery of IT services. Not only is there the ever-present need to improve service quality and reduce cost, but the expectations of IT users are …

Caught Between the Realities of 1.0 and 2.0

It’s always been tough being an IT leader. The ‘Career Is Over’ distortion of the CIO acronym is humorous because of the real-world challenges associated with the CIO job. I think that today is an especially challenging time for IT …